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Product story


We respect Finnish traditions

We utilise the latest modern technology to make Kalavapriikki products but we do so in a way that respects Finnish traditions. The professionalism of our production and product development teams has been honed with years of experience. Our personnel have been dedicated to their craft from the very beginning. All initial processing, that is, skinning and deboning the fish, is done by hand. The fish is carefully and consistently smoked with quality-certified alder chips and charred with fire. No additives are used in salting. All fish products are skillfully manufactured according to precise processes, resulting in fish that has a truly authentic taste.


Product development

The guiding principles of our product development team are to maximise both product selection and taste. The development of Kalavapriikki products has been steady and precise with inspiration coming from the global restaurant industry. Both Kalavapriikki’s own top team and customers participate in the process.

Kalavapriikki product development is largely customer-driven: we give customers what they want. We even have the ability to fine tune products according to our customers’ needs and preferences, for example by adjusting a product’s saltiness and smokiness.

The recipes of certain products, including our most popular “honour products”, have been locked and their appearance, taste, and texture will not be changed. Otherwise our product development team strives to respond to customer preferences, as well as those from our own personnel, and we adapt to tastes that change with the seasons. We introduce several new product selections each year, and in the near future we will launch completely new product families.