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Company story

Kalavapriikki Oy

Kalavapriikki’s first steps

The roots of Kalavapriikki stretch back to 2007 when food industry veteran Jari Korhonen started his own fish business. He began with the notion that fish is the real food of the future and that consumer demand would grow to unprecedented levels.

In 2009, Kalavapriikki joined Heinon Tukku. When the wholesale business was sold to Valio in the summer of 2021, Kalavapriikki became part of the Heino Group, which was founded in 1899. Kalavapriikki and Heino discovered that they had a shared interest in the future of Finnish food culture, corporate responsibility, and delivering new and exciting taste experiences. That’s what makes Heino Group such an excellent operations partner and behind-the-scenes influencer.


New factory

With a new factory commissioned in 2016, Kalavapriikki took its first steps into the future of fish processing. With it, our strengths, namely craftsmanship, skilled personnel, energy efficiency, and corporate and environmental responsibility – and of course high-quality products – come to the fore. Kalavapriikki’s Kalaonni products are the perfect answer for today’s growing appetite for responsibly sourced and meticulously crafted fish products. No stone has been left unturned in making our products so that eating fish is not only delicious, easy, and fun but also a healthy and responsible choice for everyone.

Kalaonni, Hyvää Suomesta -merkki

More innovative products

Competition in our field will continue to grow as well. More and more innovative products are being introduced, meat consumption is decreasing, and global challenges are affecting production. Yet we at Kalavapriikki believe that consumer desire for domestic fish will grow. That’s why we invested in a new domestic innovation, Kamaboko Finland Oy, whose Leikkala cutlets made from wild fish captured the audience’s attention and earned a good reputation in the Finnish Recipe for Success competition in 2021. In 2022, we took steps to secure the availability of domestic raw materials by purchasing a stake in Kalankasvatus Vääräniemi Oy. This new cooperation will provide a consistent flow of responsibly sourced, ecologically sound raw materials that will guarantee the availability of our thoughtfully produced fresh fish products for the delight of consumers and retailers.

Kalaonni products were awarded the prestigious Hyvää Suomesta (Good from Finland) label in 2022. We are proud to carry on with our diligent work so that our fish products continue to find their way into more homes and satisfy the hearts and minds of more and more consumers for many years to come.


From our growing family to yours

Heino is made up of a group of Finnish food and beverage entrepreneurs, employees, investors, owners and supporters. Our family company has grown over a century from a small shop to an internationally recognised group. Even today in the wake of its many successes, new ideas continue to sprout on which the food culture of the current century is poised.

Heino’s roots go back to 1899 when a small meat and butter shop called Fritjof Heino appeared on Helsinki’s Kallio Third line. Since then, we have witnessed the development of Finnish food culture, from years of famine to husked oats and from Karelian pies to the flavours of the world.

Over the years, the wholesale trade has flourished and the monopoly on the wholesale sale of alcoholic beverages has been dismantled. Some business operations have moved online and others have remained brick-and-mortar. Heino has grown into a versatile trader in the food and beverage industry. Although our role has since changed from a trader to more of a business enabler, our hands are still in the familiar dough.

Kalaonni tuotteet

Product story

We utilise the latest modern technology to make Kalavapriikki products but we do so in a way that respects Finnish traditions. The professionalism of our production and product development teams has been honed with years of experience.