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Kalaonni kalavastuu

No more “Big Fish” tales

With Kalaonni, responsibility is achieved through actions and solutions, not simply words. Visible, measurable choices that benefit the mind, body, and the planet. We act with respect and fairness towards our customers, society, and the environment. We take pride in being open and transparent and we courageously lead the conversation on responsible fish production to create a healthy, sustainable food culture in Finland.

Kalaonni products are manufactured by Kalavapriikki Ltd.

Kalavapriikki’s environmental responsibility

We strive for the sustainable utilisation of natural resources in all of our activities. The cornerstones of environmental responsibility are the high energy efficiency of our production and our circular economy thinking.

Origin matters – local is always the best

We prefer domestic, locally grown fish whose origin we know with confidence. In our products, for example, we use high-quality, nutritious Benella rainbow trout that is raised through the recycling of nutrients from the Baltic Sea, as well as vigorous lake fish species.

100% utilisation of the raw material

We utilise raw fish materials carefully. There is absolutely no waste in our production. Parts that are not fit for food are used, for example, in pet food, and the craft industry. A total of roughly 2,000 tonnes of rainbow trout and salmon and 200 tons of other fish species pass through the Kalavapriikki production facilities each year.

Energy from the ground and the sun

Our goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible in terms of energy usage. Kalaonni products are manufactured in Kuopio in a production facility designed to be very energy efficient, utilising both geothermal energy and renewable energy from the sun.

Our energy-efficient production facility, completed in 2016, is located in the small district of Neulamäki, Kuopio. In 2018, a solar power plant was built and it produces approximately 14% of the annual energy used by the facility. We also utilise geothermal energy and we make sure that all waste heat is recovered.

Better packaging for plastic reduction

We put a lot of effort into the ecology of our packaging. Reducing plastic is one of the most important challenges for food producers. We have taken “plastic-free” far in both the production and transportation of our products: we pack our fish delicacies in cardboard and have replaced plastic packaging with paper – whenever it is possible without sacrificing product quality and safety.

All styrofoam boxes used by Kalavapriikki have been replaced with corrugated cardboard boxes. It is both a general trend and a customer-oriented solution. Customers no longer have to dispose of the packaging as mixed waste. Instead, corrugated cardboard boxes can be put out for cardboard collection. The amount of styrofoam packaging eliminated from the Kuopio production facility has been roughly 22,000 kg, simply by switching to more earth-friendly cardboard boxes. 

With Tuorebox (Freshbox), designed and manufactured by DS Smith, plastic has been replaced by fibre-based cardboard, which is completely waterproof and insulates against cold and heat.

The raw material of the corrugated packaging is FSC certified, which means that it has been produced responsibly and that the origin of the packaging is traceable. In addition to the recycling aspect, cardboard boxes are also significantly more environmentally friendly in terms of logistics. Cardboard boxes take up less space than Styrox boxes, allowing transport emissions to be reduced by 95 percent. 

The packaging machine in the Kalavapriikki production facility also uses cardboard, which has significantly reduced plastic consumption. With the transition to corrugated cardboard, Kalavapriikki also uses paper bags for its smaller shipments, and plastic films are replaced with paper whenever possible.

Water is dear to us

The situation regarding microplastics in water bodies is so concerning that we consider it our duty to tackle the problem on our own. The solutions and steps we have actively taken will have long-lasting effects. All of Kalavapriikki’s activities are defined by the principle of environmental responsibility. Reducing plastic is one of the company’s most important practical measures. Kalavapriikki wants to be at the forefront and take plastic-free as far as possible in both production and transportation. At the same time, it’s about respecting our customers’ wishes as more and more consumers have become aware of the global plastic problem that threatens our environment.

For Kalavapriiki, environmental responsibility comes naturally – after all, we are working with natural products. Being good stewards of fish habitats is extremely important not only from an ethical perspective but also to ensure the highest quality product for our customers.

Smarter, cleaner, closer to home

Cardboard boxes require less space than Styrox boxes, reducing transport emissions by 95 percent. 

The city in which we operate is located next to rich fishing waters, which is beneficial from a logistical standpoint and allows Kalavapriikki to serve the entire nation as well as select international markets.