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fisherman of the
concrete sea

Served in front of you is the best that we at Kalavapriikki know how to do: produce high-quality, Finnish-sourced fish products that are fresh, delicious, distinctive, and especially suited for today’s busy urban lifestyle.


Fresh, distinctive, and responsibly sourced

We created our product family according to how the majority of us live our lives today, which is quite different from the lives of our parents and grandparents who knew how to skin and debone fish. We still have an affinity for fresh fish but today you might say that we are fishermen, and women, of the “concrete sea”, the modern cities in which we live. And though we are fishermen of a different sort now, we still know what a good catch is. That’s why at Kalavapriikki we hold ourselves to a higher standard so that you can know with confidence that you will be serving yourself, friends, and family fresh, distinctive, responsibly sourced fish products that have been carefully chosen, and concocted with a variety of delicious flavours.



With Kalaonni, responsibility is achieved through actions and solutions, not simply words. Visible, measurable choices that benefit the mind, body, and the planet.

Kalaonni tuotteet

Product story

We utilise the latest modern technology to make Kalavapriikki products but we do so in a way that respects Finnish traditions. The professionalism of our production and product development teams has been honed with years of experience. Our personnel have been dedicated to their craft from the very beginning.